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For Home Gardens
After many requests for products designed specifically for the home gardener, we developed a line of high quality natural garden amendments.
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Tri-C Enterprises creates products that will enhance soil and plant health, and contribute to the environment in a positive way. The humate and mycorrhizal products are naturally occurring materials or fungi that provide essential elements and microbes necessary for the robust health of soil and plants . In addition to our superior product line, we offer soil analysis service by a professional knowledgeable in soil and water/irrigation use.

The products were developed for use in the horticultural, landscape, erosion/revegetation, agricultural, bioremediation industries, golf courses and sportsfields.

Tri-C Humate Products are especially useful where storm water runoff is a major concern, since humate is used in bioremediation of toxic soils, it can be a real advantage in new site preparation and maintenance. Adding mycorrhizal inoculum increases root growth naturally, therefore helping nutrients and water stay available to the plant and decreasing potential for runoff.

Tri-C Enterprises is dedicated to providing the best service possible to our customers and clients, reverting back to the 1 on 1 personal service of yesteryear.