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For Home Gardens
After many requests for products designed specifically for the home gardener, we developed a line of high quality natural garden amendments.
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Tri-C  Products provide a Natural SOILution™ for all types of soil mediums.   Our Humate products include a rich source of complex minerals, ,micronutrients, organic matter, carbon, humic acids, beneficial bacteria, etc.  Mycorrhizal Products, Soil Analysis Service, and #1 Customer Service.


Other organics: e.g. greenwaste, rice hulls, shavings, etc.. May be used with other organics.
Nutrients: May be used with other nutrients sources. Allows the user / specifier to select the best fertilizer for the plant material or soil profile. Suggest reducing fertilizer rates by 25%, or use minimum recommended rates.


Humate: A concentrated mineral rich soil conditioner that’s been composting for millions of years. Ideal for soil preparation, blending, hydroseeding when potential dusty material is not a problem. Guarantees 40% Humic Acids.
Premium Humate:

A uniform “greens grade” granular w/ minimum 70% Humic Acids. A concentrated mineral rich soil conditioner that’s been composting for millions of years. Ideal for soil preparation, blending, hydroseeding when dusty material may be a problem.

Humate Plus: Humate + Gypsum soil conditioner without the dust. New formulation includes 7 % Calcium and 5 % Sulfur too! Special granulation process helps eliminate dust. Great for maintenance applications, renovation projects, overseeding, any topical application. (15-18 lbs. per 1,000 sq.ft. for TOPICAL application)
6-2-4 w/5% S:

Fertilizer and soil conditioner in one application. Terrific for all maintenance applications, e.g. turf, bedding areas, gardens, etc. Great for soil preparation too. Special granular formulation helps eliminate dust. ( 10-12 lbs. per 1,000 sq.ft. for TOPICAL application)

Endo 120

(arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculum): (Glomus intraradices)
Mycorrhizal fungi form the foundation of ecosystem function in most terrestrial vegetation. The fungi will permeate the soil and interconnect the root systems, including different plant species. Benefits include: early growth; early rooting; decreased water and fertilizer use; increased pathogen suppression

Myco Paks

(blend of endo and ecto mycorrhizal inoculum) in a “TEABAG”
Endo-Ecto blend increases number of plant varieties that may be inoculated..
**See description under “Endo 120” for application.

Myco Drench For use on EXISTING or New LANDSCAPE because it will move down through the soil profile. It is a BLENDof 13 carefully selected mycorrhizal fungi well suited to a variety of soil, climates, and plants. Easy application : GOES INTO SOLUTION FOR DRENCHING, INJECTING, TOPICAL APPLICATION. Micronizing allows movement through the soil when applied on top.

POOR SOIL?..……. TRI-C……….a Natural SOILution!