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After many requests for products designed specifically for the home gardener, we developed a line of high quality natural garden amendments.
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Myco Pak MSDS

MYCO PAKS Mycorrhizae extend plants' root systems 25 to 50 times for increased nutrient uptake, increased resistance to dronght, less transplant shock and increased growth.. Spectacular growth responses have been observed in nutrient deficient soils that lack the native fungi. Good results are most likely where the soil has been fumigated, severely disturbed and in potting soils

How do mycorrhizal fungi work?

Mycorrhizal root system increase the absorptive area of roots 10 to 1000 times thereby greatly improving the ability of the plants to utilize the soil resource. Mycorrhizal fungi are able to absorb and transfer all of the 15 major and micro nutrients necessary for plant growth Mycorrhizal fungi release powerful chemicals into the soil that dissolve hard to capture nutrients such as phosphorous, iron, and other "tightly bound" soil nutrients. This extraction process is particularly important in plant nutrition and explains why plants without mycorrhizae require much higher levels of fertility to maintain their health.

Does my soil contain mycorrhizal fungi?

Soils in natural settings are full of beneficial soil organisms including mycorrhizal fungi. Research indicates, however, many common practices can degrade the mycorrhizal potential of soil. Tillage, fertilization, removal of topsoil, erosion, site preparation, road and home construction, fumigation, invasion of non native plants, and leaving soils bare are some of the activities that reduce or eliminate these beneficial soil fungi.

In many manmade landscapes we have reduced or eliminated the soil organisms necessary for plants to function without high levels of maintenance. Nursery grown plants available to landscape contractors are typically deficient in mycorrhizae. Plants raised in most nurseries receive intensive care and feeding. MYCO DRENCH conveniently and quickly ensure mycorrhiza for your plants to thrive upon planting into tough conditions.

Statement of Claims

TRI-C ENTERPRISES, L.L.C. certifies that the biological inoculum contains one or more species of endo-mycorrhizal fungi at a minimum of 350 propagules and ecto-mycorrhizal inoculum as a suit of the following species: Pisolithus Tinctorius, four species of Rhizopogon & Scleroderma at a minimum rate of 800,000 spores to ensure rapid root colonization when used as recommended. The Mycorrhizal symbiosis is sensitive to environmental conditions when and TRI-C is unable to guarantee the product beyond the above statement.