Natural SOILutions

Note: Create a good planting environment for thriving healthy vegetables with the addition of quality organic soil conditioners and mycorrhizal inoculum products. These biologically active products create an optimum soil environment for plants with their concentrated elements and not by volume of material. Additionally, these products will help save water by creating larger root systems and higher organic levels in the soil. Healthier soils use water more effectively.

Humate and Premium Humate SOIL CONDITIONERS: Both products provide the unique benefits of Humate: rich in minerals, carbon, organic matter, humic acids, and beneficial bacteria. . The Premium is granular, therefore eliminating the dust which is often a problem for topical or maintenance applications of organic materials. Tri-C Humate and Premium Humate have all the advantages of this very unique organic material: chelates micro/macro nutrients into available form for plant use; helps develop deep root systems; provides fuel for microbial activity; improves plant health and ability to resist disease, etc. Derived from ancient beds of prehistoric vegetation, aka Leonardite ( a mined material with humic acids ranging from 40-70%).

MYCORRHIZAL PRODUCTS: Benefits include: early growth; early rooting; decreased water and fertilizer use; increased pathogen suppression.

Tri-C Myco Paks (Endo Ecto Tea Bags); a BLEND of 4 endo and 7 ecto mycorrhizal fungi Humic Acids in a 4 gram pak (teabag). A fungi blend provides applications for broad-spectrum plant pallets. Easy application with tea bag packaging for individual plants.

Marilyn’s Own My Perfect Garden: This blend of micronized 8 endo/ecto mycorrhizal inoculum AND concentrated organic soil conditioner will create an amazing soil environment for plants to thrive. Easy application in a 28 oz. Shaker bottle. For use on EXISTING or New LANDSCAPE because it will move down through the soil profile. NO FERTILIZER....STRICTLY ORGANIC.

Soil MIX (Raised Beds): Mix Thoroughly top 6-12 inches

Materials: Per 100 Sq. Ft. or Cubic Yard Mix
Quality organic Soil/Potting Mix 80 % per Cubic Yd.
Native Clay Soil** 20 % per Cubic Yd.
Tri-C Premium Humate 6 lbs

** Tri-C Myco Paks or : See Grid

** Helps retain moisture


Endo-Ecto Paks

1 Gallon 5 Gallon 15 Gallon 24" Box 36" Box 48" Box
1 Pak 2-3 Paks 8-9 Paks 11-12 Paks 16 Paks 20-22 Paks

Marilyn’s Own My Perfect Garden? Mycorrhizae + Humate Soil Conditioner

1 Gallon 5 Gallon 15 Gallon 24" Box 36" Box
1 Pak 2-3 Paks 8-9 Paks 11-12 Paks 16 Paks
48" Box 60" box 72" Box 84" Box 96" Box
1 Cup 1 1/4 Cup 1 1/2 Cup 1 3/4 Cup 2 Cups

Maintenance Recommendations: 1-2 lbs. Per 100 sq.ft. of Tri-C Premium Humate Soil Conditioner 3-4 times per year. Additional applications of nutrients may be necessary, depending on health of soil and plants. Application frequency may vary depending on soil type, weather, etc.

Note: The addition of Tri-C Humate based products will enhance soil conditions during construction and maintenance, which is important to the health soil and plant material.

Tri-C Myco Drench (mycorrhizae for root health): For maintenance 1-2 times per year for topical application for addition of mycorrhizae on established plants/trees/turf.