Natural SOILutions

Note: The following recommendations are based on the premise that container planting requires a light weight planting mixture and it may be difficult to maintain a consistent moisture and nutrient level. The lightweight mix will benefit from the addition of Tri-C Humate Soil Conditioner Products and Mycorrhizal Inoculum to increase the root mass which will help maintain a balanced moisture / nutrient level, and healthier plants. **For all organic (no fertilizer, substitute Tri-C Premium Humate instead of Tri-C 6-2-4)

Tri-C Products for Container Plants:


1. Tri-C 6-2-4 w/5% S (Organic soil conditioner and fertilizer): This product provides the unique benefits of Humate: rich in minerals, carbon, organic matter, humic acids, and beneficial bacteria and fertilizer. Tri-C 6-2-4 w/ Humate base has all the advantages of this very unique organic material: chelates micro/macro nutrients into available form for plant use; helps develop deep root systems; provides fuel for microbial activity; improves plant’s health and ability to resist disease, etc. Derived from ancient beds of prehistoric vegetation, aka Leonardite ( a mined material with humic acids ranging from 40-70%). And provides nutrients for the plants. Feed soil and plants in one application!


2. Tri-C Myco Paks (Endo Ecto Tea Bags); a BLEND of endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungi. A fungi blend provides applications for broad-spectrum plant pallets. Easy application with tea bag packaging for individual plants. Benefits include: early growth; early rooting; decreased water and fertilizer use; increased pathogen suppression. Fungi only

Tri-C Myco Paks (a blend of endo & ecto species and humic acids in a “teabag” pak)

1 Gallon 5 Gallon 15 Gallon 24” Box 36” Box
1 pak 2-3 paks 6-8 paks 10-12 paks 16-18 paks
48” Box 60” Box 72” Box 84” Box 96” Box
20-22 paks 26-28 paks 32-34 paks 40-42 paks 46-48 paks

3. Tri-C Myco Drench (Endo Ecto Blend for solution); For use on NEW or EXISTING LANDSCAPE because it will move down through the soil profile when applied on the surface. It is a BLEND of 13 carefully selected mycorrhizal fungi well suited to a variety of soil, climates, and plants. Easy application: GOES INTO SOLUTION FOR DRENCHING, INJECTING, TOPICAL APPLICATION. Micronizing allows movement through the soil when applied on top. Benefits include: early growth; early rooting; decreased water and fertilizer use; increased pathogen suppression. Fungi only.

Tri-C Myco Drench (13 specie mycorrhizal inoculum) **See product directions
**1 pound will make 200 gallons of “drench” for new or existing plant material

5. Tri-C Myco TABS w/ NPK (17 endo-ecto + 17-9-5) Mycorrhizae and Nutrients in one application. For those plants and trees that require nutrients (NPK)

PRODUCT Liner/4” 1 gallon 5 gallon 15 gallon 24” box 36” box 48” box

Endo-Ecto Tablets
17-9-5 NPK nutrients

1 Tab 2 Tabs 8 Tabs 16 Tabs 22 Tabs 28 Tabs 34 Tabs

6. Tri-C SOLUBLE Humate Powder : 35 % Humic Acids* **new**

A 100% SOLUBLE Humate SOIL CONDITIONER Powder for ALL LIQUID APPLICATIONS, e.g. drip, foliar, hydroponics, etc.; 1 ounce per

ACRE; Highly Concentrated Conditioner with all the benefits of humate and easy to apply. Available in 1 lb. Shaker.