Natural SOILutions

What fungi do in the soil: Mycorrhizal fungi form the foundation of ecosystem function in most terrestrial vegetation. The fungi will permeate the soil and interconnect the root systems, including different plant species.


  • Increase Plant’s Ability to Resist Disease
  • Increase Root Size and Structure
  • Greater Moisture & Nutrient Uptake
  • Increase Soil Aeration and Drainage
  • Reduce Transplant Shock
  • Increase Plant Establishment
  • Reduce Use of Herbicides and Pesticides
Endo 120

(arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculum): (Glomus intraradices)
A single Endo specie that colonizes the largest number of plant varieties known. A granular material that may be used in soil prep, backfill, hydroseeding applications. 10 lb. pails or 40 lb. bags


Blends 17 species of endo and ecto mycorrhizae with 14% Seaweed Extract ” Slow Release NPK
TABS w/ NPK (17 endo-ecto + 17-9-5) Easy to apply, just place TAB in planting pit next to rootsMycorrhizae, 14% Seaweed Extract and Nutrients in one application. (may be used with Natives & Drought Tolerant)

1000 tabs per pail....cost effective Breaks down in 2-3 days in moist soil.

Myco Paks

Blends 11 species of endo (4) and ecto(7) mycorrhizae “TEABAG” has 11 fungi species!!
Endo-Ecto blend increases number roots. 500 paks per case

Myco Drench

(Endo Ecto Blend for solution); For use on EXISTING or New LANDSCAPE because it will move down through the soil profile. It is a BLENDof 13 carefully selected endo/ecto mycorrhizal fungi well suited to a variety of soil, climates, and plants. Easy application : GOES INTO SOLUTION FOR DRENCHING, INJECTING, TOPICAL APPLICATION. Micronizing allows movement through the soil when applied on soil surface. One pound bag makes up to 200 gallons of solution

TRI-C MYCO REVIVAL PLUS TM ,A blend of Humate soil conditioner and micronized endo/ecto mycorrhizae creates an amazing soil environment for plants to thrive. The diverse endo/ecto micronized mycorrhizae blend will allow the fungi to move through the soil profile; therefore can be applied topically or around the roots when first planting. 28 oz. Shaker.