Natural SOILutions

Sedge that did not grow in 5 months: applied Premium Humate & Myco Drench and in 2 months had their native meadow. Topical Application.

Castaway Park - Newport Beach

Rose Bush almost dead.....shovel close at hand. Applied TRI-C MYCO REVIVAL: Roses now blooming.

Caltrans DOT Supervisor 2013

Evelyn’s test on vegetable garden...Just humate. Thought Revival should be called Resurrection.

Erosion control expert: “this stuff will grow grass on concrete” (TRI-C HUMATE)

Mike H - San Diego, 2012

My yard is a testimonial I had a small orange tree that was barely surviving for about 8 years. Then I started to apply

TRI-C and now it is growing, four times bigger and providing delicious oranges.

Ann - Landscape Designer, California

Tested 2 plots with and without. Estimated $225. Water Savings per acre. Cotton not picked yet but noticeably more produce on side with mycorrhizal fungi.

Arizona - Cotton Grower, 2013

Retail Nursery with in ground planting: Using Premium Humate and Endo 120. Customers always wanted to know why their plants were not as big and healthy as the ones planted in the heavy clay soil of Huntington Beach


Accounts lawns stay green for more than 3 months with application only. TRI-C 6-2-4 w/ 5% S

Aerator Business - AL, Pasadena

TABS: Landscape contractor called to tell me his orange tree in a container was loaded with fruit...the first time. Said on a good year I usually get 3 oranges.

Tom, San Rafael, CA

PAKS: My original order back in July of 2012 for 500 Myco-Pak Tea bags worked amazingly well. Now I'm going to add another couple hundred plants and I can't image planting anything without your tea bags. I've attached two pictures, one in 2013 and a current picture of my yardfor you to see. I had about a 95% retention of all the original plants planted back in 2012, my landscaper said that was exceptional.

Teri in Oxnard, CA

Difference between Compost v. Humate: Like difference between “white lightening and 50 y.o. Brandy” Both alcohol but are not the same. In landscape we need both.


"I can't imagine planting anything without your tea bags. I've attached two pictures, one in 2012 (before is dirt and gopher holes) and current picture of my yard 1 year later. My landscaper said the groth was exceptional."

- A Tri-C User & Fan

Other Great Benefits Of Using Humate Organic Soil Conditioner

Humates are great with reclaimed water......helps reduce salts and make locked up nutrients available to plant.

Helps with hydrophobicity post fires for seed establishment.

Helps improve soil texture over time.....clay and sand.

Puts nutrients in an available form for root uptake.